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Publisher Weekly - Issue #5

We're sending you this a day late, but better later than never! It's interesting to see continued gro
Publisher Weekly - Issue #5
By Team Ghost • Issue #5 • View online
We’re sending you this a day late, but better later than never! It’s interesting to see continued growth across the spectrum in the paid subscription business, but it makes us wonder: where does subscription fatigue set in?
As we load up with Netflix, Spotify, The New York Times and whatever else we pay for, is there a magic number of subscriptions at which point people give up, or can it keep growing? It’s hard to say at this point, but Techcrunch wrote about Subscription Hell recently and how the free web is dying.
It’s unlikely a subscription bundle will be a fix for most publishers, because it’ll favor the giants’ bottom line while pushing out the indie creators, but it looks like that’s what Apple is pursuing with its upcoming plan to offer a news and music bundle.
As the web looks for a business model, it reminds us of the earliest days of blogging: scrappy and willing to try something a little crazy, rather than just slather on advertising. 
We stand at an interesting point for the internet, and publishers, as everyone seeks to find a better way without ads. The question we’re left wondering about is who’ll survive this and what types of business will disappear as advertising bottoms out.
If you think it’ll go one way or another, fire us a reply. We’d love to hear what you think. Happy Monday!
- John

News organizations are looking to Spotify and Netflix as models. Is that really a good idea?
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